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A Special Issue of American Journal of Life Sciences (ISSN Online 2328-5737)

Deadline for manuscript submissions: Nov. 30, 2014

The essence of science in the twenty first century, arguably, is to enhance human existence in continuing societal advancement. The driving force for continuous advancement of societys include the promotion and strengthening of scientific and technological progress; evidence-, analytics-based and citizen-centric approaches; flexible policies and effective implementation and management. Whether the present trend in human existence will worsen due to human activities (including environment degradation, public and private policies or attitudes) thereby, leading to Dystopia or continuous scientific and societal advancement with citizen-centric policies in line with evidence- and analytics-based policy and decision-making might lead to Utopia in the future will probably, evolve as a matter of increasing debate in the next decades. This special issue is aimed at promoting discussion bordering on all areas of science and society, how they affect policy, implementation, management or human existence, and provide solutions to the problems that hamper the present or future existence.

We solicit for papers (contemporary reviews, original papers, hypothesis, perspectives, views and opinion containing high-quality artwork and require the use of mechanistic summary diagrams) from researchers, scientists, lecturers from all around the world.

This special issue could serve as a background for policy change or review of policies, scientific methods and address issues that presently affect or will affect society in the future.

All papers will be indexed in international databases. High quality papers may have the possibility of been presented to supranatural organizations such as the United Nations. Review of manuscripts will be completed within one week after submission. Accepted manuscripts will be published as soon as authors pay the article processing fee.

Interested authors may write on the following topics or propose their topic for this issue:
1. History of Science, Society and Policy;
2. Essence of Science in Society, Human Existence;
3. Science: From Bench to Bedside or Vice Versa?
4. Evidence-Based Scientific Methods in Societal Advancement and Policy Making;
5. Evidence-Based Management for Societal Progress and Policy Making;
6. Analytics-Based Approach in Societal Advancement and Policy;
7. Problems and Prospects in Science, Society and Policy;
8. Scientific, Societal Intelligence and Surveillance in Policy making and Implementation;
9. Global Reconfiguration of Evidence, Analytics-Based Policy for Interstate and Intergenerational Co-Existence;
10. Philosophy of Existence: Will Continuous Progress Drive us Towards Utopia?
11. Preserving Human Integrity: Ethics in Scientific Methods and Research;
12. Futuristic Perspectives of Science, Society and Policy.
Lead Guest Editor
  • Menizibeya Welcome Osain

    Department of Medicine, Federal Medical Centre , Yenagoa, Nigeria

Guest Editor

A special issue is composed of a lead guest editor and a team of guest editors. Currently, there is no guest editor for this special issue and we sincerely invite the scholars in related fields to join it.

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Latest Article
  • Authors: Richardson Kojo Edeme, Innocent A. Ifelunini, Okereke Obinna S.

    Abstract: To attain sustainable development goals, reduction in child mortality is necessary. However, a major challenge exists in the procurement of healthcare services by individuals which is determined to a large extent by their level of income. Adopting random effect and fixed effect methodology and using survey data from Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (2012) and General Household Survey (2012), this study examines the relationship between household income and child mortality. For the analysis, infant mortality rate, under-five mortality rate and neonatal mortality rate was modeled against household income and controlled for access to anti-natal care, access to safe water and sanitation, neonatal mortality rate, maternal education and household size in Nigeria. Results obtained show that household income has significant effect on neonatal mortality rate in Nigeria but household income has insignificant effect on infant and under-five mortality rates in Nigeria. Results also show that household size has significant effect on infant mortality rate and neonatal mortality rate in Nigeria. The study equally found that access to anti-natal care has significant effect on under-five mortality rate in Nigeria.

    Publication Date: Jan. 7, 2015 Views: Downloads:
Call for Papers

This special issue is open for submissions of original research. It accepts full papers, abstracts and tentative paper titles. The submission deadline is Nov. 30, 2014. Authors are encouraged to contribute research in related fields to the special issue.

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